Natūralios arbatos
1. 7-herb blend Every tea includes a magical blend of seven different herbs.
A wealth of knowledge and experience The bright memory of Dr. Šimkūnaitė preserved in herbal teas.
Made in Lithuania All of Dr. Šimkūnaitė's teas are made in Švenčionys.
The E. Šimkūnaitė Charity and Support Foundation By purchasing teas, you are contributing to the foundation.

About Dr. E. Šimkūnaitė

At the end of the XX century, she summarised and documented Lithuanian herbal medicinal practices, which had been handed down from generation to generation and were often shrouded in secrecy, for medical and pharmaceutical specialists and anyone else who was interested in this topic. She also managed to compare Lithuanian herbal medicinal and folk medicine experiences with those of other nations. After gathering this endless collection of knowledge, she also knew how to share it in a distinctive and interesting way with anyone who was interested. Many people know Dr. habil. Eugeniją Šimkūnaitę as one of the XX century's most famous authorities on medicinal plants and their practical medical application. However, she was interested in much more, including Lithuanian folk medicine, customs, folklore and archaeology. ktikoje žinovių. Tačiau jos domėjimosi sritys buvo daug platesnės: lietuvių liaudies medicina, papročiai, tautosaka, archeologija. FIND OUT MORE

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